Sandalwood Santalum spicatum one of the treasure of the Natural World, sweet and pure made right here at Sacred Grove from plants grown on the property. This could well be the first Sandalwood Essential Oil made from passive harvesting which means we don’t kill the tree to extract the oils instead we take off small amounts from each tree to enable to tree to continue to thrive. 100 % organic and a price that is unbeatable

Sacred Grove encapsulates Ancient Encounters with three of Australia’s finest medicinal plants on a certified organic property at Belvidere in South Australia. The three plants include the lesser known Scented Emu Bush "Eremophila alternifolia", Sandalwood "Santalum spicatum" and Native Pine "Callitris gracilis".


They have the potential to reduce pain as well as anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory capacities. So we invite you to take a journey in this web site to discover for yourself an Ancient Encounter made for you and your body.