Essential Oils

Here at Sacred grove we make Essential Oils that come from the plant material grown here on this certified organic farm, they are unique and give you the opportunity to smell some of our Nation’s most important medicinal plants for the first time. The range is constantly growing as more oils are created in small batches ensuring quality and freshness; we welcome you to visit the farm to see the process by attending our numerous workshops.

Flat Leaf Scented Emu Bush
The Scented Emu Bush “Flat Leaf” Eremophila alternifolia this form has a unique aroma strong, uplifting and truly representative of the Australian Bush a must for your essential oil collection. This form the flat leaf is also used throughout the Sacred Grove range including the Tea, Massage Oils and all of the Rubs, it is very well suited to the growing conditions here at Sacred Grove.
Round Leaf Scented Emu Bush
The Scented Emu Bush “Round Leaf” Eremophila alternifolia this is a very robust plant which produces a slightly fruity aroma with gentle undertones of the sweetness of a Desert Morning, there are numerous plants of this at Sacred Grove. It is the largest form of Scented Emu Bush at Sacred Grove and at present is just used for creating Essential Oils.
Native Pine Essential Oil
Native Pine Callitris gracilis is produced here at Sacred Grove maybe a world’s first and now available to you. This has a very unique aroma which is very deep and grounding placing you in contact with this precious Earth. It is produced here at Sacred Grove and all plant material is sourced on the property as well so you know it is sustainable and very pure and it is 100 % certified organic.
Sandalwood Essential Oil
Sandalwood Santalum spicatum one of the treasure of the Natural World, sweet and pure made right here at Sacred Grove from plants grown on the property. This could well be the first Sandalwood Essential Oil made from passive harvesting which means we don’t kill the tree to extract the oils instead we take off small amounts from each tree to enable to tree to continue to thrive. 100 % certified organic and a price that is unbeatable.