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Desert Survivor Bush Rub  The same properties as the Oil such as assisting in pain relief wound healing and clearing up some types of warts, however with the added introduction of raw bees wax. The Rub then becomes a rich body moisturiser naturally healing and nourishing the skin. It is recommended to keep it once used in a cool environment away from the Sun’s rays.

Desert Survivor Bush Oil is for topical applications its uses are many and varied including; assisting in pain relief wound healing, and clearing up some types of warts. It could also be used against the common flu by gently rubbing some onto the chest, or on the back of the neck if you have headaches. Some placed in a bath will gently cover the entire body nourishing the skin and giving it much needed support and additional moisture.  The potential uses are endless maybe you will find an additional uses for this Sacred Oil.

Desert Survivor Bush Tea  is known to aid in the feeling of wellbeing and people have often experienced pleasant dreams as a result of having it before bed time. Place a small pinch of leaves into a cup and let it gently steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Once used the leaves can be reused several times each time giving a slightly lighter taste. This tea is hand harvested and dried in a cool shaded environment. The leaves and the tip of the stems are included and the odd flower, all of which come together to express the beauty of the Scented Emu Bush.

 Massage Oil Having a massage has been happening for thousands of years and the variations across Continents is astounding but they all have one thing in common – massage takes the recipient to a place of inner peace and tranquillity. This was the motivation behind the creation of the range of massage oils at Sacred Grove to take you to that place whilst giving the massage practitioner a helping hand.