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Product  Used: Desert Survivor Bush Tea


Thank you for putting me on to your Sacred Grove, Desert Survivor Bush Tea.

I have had a neck/shoulder injury for some years and have significant lack of sleep due to the pain of laying on my side in bed. Since commencing use of the Desert Survivor Bush Tea I have had a marked improvement in both quantity and quality of sleep. Waking refreshed makes a huge difference in my day-to-day life as my concentration and mood is significantly improved.

Thank you for your guidance.



Beverley W

Fullerton - Adelaide 

Beverley W

Fullerton - Adelaide

Product  Used: Desert Survivor Bush Oil

My daughter had a huge wart on her ring finger. It looked like a cauliflower it was probably the size of a 50 cent piece, about 1cm high. We tried many treatments the worst was a Dr putting 3 injections into her finger and he tried to burn the wart off and shave off.. it grew back just as big within 2 weeks and she ended up with 5 more on the other fingers. We saw the Sacred Grove stall at the "In the Raw Festival" Mount Barker. We bought the small bottle of desert survivor bush oil, my daughter would have a swig on every morning and put on the wart. Within 1 week it had reduced by 1/2, then she only used on the skin and a week later you could see the knuckle. It is a miracle oil and I will be telling all my friends about Sacred Grove.

BEFORE & AFTER IMAGE SEE LINK: https://imgur.com/a/oRNiA

Kylie Brooks

Mt Barker, South Australia

Product  Used: Desert Survivor Bush Rub

For several years I have suffered from open sores on my head. Tried all sorts of creams from multinational drug companies that did not work. Like Edmund, the product manufacturer, I have spent many years working in the APY Lands and was interested to try the Scented Emu Bush figuring Anangu have had tens of thousands of years successfully using plant based medicines. The product worked, applying the rub twice a day cleared up this recurring sore in around 10 days. The sores have not returned, this product works and I still have 3/4 of a jar left. People have been using these products for hundreds of generations in Central Australia, there is immense capacity for the rest of the world to benefit from the inland medicinal bushes.


Mount Barker, South Australia

Product Used: Desert Survivor Bush Oil

After some bodywork to release a very painful muscle spasm in my upper back and neck, I had a deep ache in my upper back and spine as the muscles were going through their process of realignment and healing. Sleep was going to be an issue due to the pain. Remembering that the Desert Bush Oil may have anti-inflammatory properties, I rubbed in a small amount-about the size of a five-cent piece- into the painful area and I can honestly say that within two minutes, the deep pain had gone. I was amazed at the speed at which the Desert Bush Oil relieved the discomfort. For the record, I hadn't used anything else-either pharmaceutical or natural - to relieve the pain.

In addition, within about ten minutes, I felt very relaxed and managed to drop off into a deep sleep.  Later in the night, around 5-6 hours after I initially used the Desert Bush Oil, I woke up experiencing  a return of some discomfort in my upper back so I reapplied the oil and the had the same result of pain relief and relaxation.

My body's response to the oil was so marked and unambiguous that I thought it was an experience worth sharing.

Thank you for bringing this wonderful oil to us.

Louise Armitage
Accredited Bowen Therapist and Homoeopath

Louise Armitage

Strathalbyn, South Australia

Product  Used: Desert Survivor Bush Rub "Origional" 

To whom it may concern


With a severe case of hand eczema or pompholyx, prominent on my left hand for a number of months, I had been experiencing absolute discomfort through scratching that kept my awake at night, multiple small blisters, burning sensation and embarrassment.I had tried everything from prescription based creams as recommended by my dermatologist, over the counter creams, salt therapy, salt baths, swimming in the sea, Moo Goo – which did give me temporary relief, to putting a smooth stone in the freezer for cooling.More out of desperation I bought a natural Aboriginal Bush Medicine product called Sacred Grove Balm from a Market Stall at Spirit Festival in Adelaide last month, as I assured this would clear up my problem.Within two days of continuous use, gently rubbing in the product to the affected areas, the blisters and itching has completely cleared.  Best of all it hasn’t ‘thinned’ my skin and the problem hasn’t reoccurred.




 I also use it for mosquito bites and although I haven’t personally tried this, the product is also recommended for the relief of pain and as a decongestant and expectorant. Sacred Grove contains Scented Emu Bush Olive Oil and Raw Bees Wax and is a mixture that has been handed down by generations of Indigenous Australians – the oldest continuous living culture in the world!NB: I confirm I have no association what so ever with this company, other than that I am a massive convert.  Sacred Grove also have no knowledge of my writing this testimonial.


You can find there website information here - http://www.sdgrove.net/#!blank/rw99o 


Kind regards Sarah E

Sarah E

Adelaide, South Australia

Product  Used: Desert Survivor Bush Tea

Dear Eddie, Just a note to say thanks for the samples of your Sacred Grove products. I have found them surprisingly good. The Bush Tea really does promote sleep and the rub relieves arthritic pain. It’s as good as anything else I have tried. I am recommending it to my friends and relatives. Thanks again,         Regards, Janice P

Janice P

Strathalbyn, South Australia

Product  Used: Desert Survivor Bush Rub "Original"

From an evidence-based medicine perspective, I'm generally pretty skeptical of personal anecdotes, as you don't get people commenting with their stories of products not working, and there can be lots of other factors that come into play. However, I feel the need to add our testimonial. Having seen the testimonial from Kylie Brooks, we used the Scented Emu Bush rub on our daughter's plantar warts each evening. Within one week, the smaller one had disappeared, and within a month the larger one had also healed. This stuff is definitely worth investigating!

Skye Newton

Adelaide, South Australia

Product  Used: Desert Survivor Bush Oil

Out of interest I have been putting the oil onto Shae’s feet with a cotton bud as he has tinea and already it has been drying out and healing even when wearing shoes and socks all day so that’s pretty handy. He said they feel better. I know you said topical applications and antibiotic properties but this is fungal so will keep experimenting and see how it goes.


I enjoyed the tea also. Smelt like chicken noodle soup when brewing haha and I thought Oh No! but certainly didn’t taste like it and I really enjoyed it so thanks for all the goodies.

Hope the camping finished off well with everyone!





Ramco, South Australia

Product  Used: Desert Survivor Bush Oil

Been Using the Cream for a few weeks now with great sucsess, very nice to apply and great feel on the skin also i have noticed that it is also affective in repelling mosquitos to 90% efficiency. Been VERY HAPPY with the cream and i will definitely be comming back to sacred grove to get more of the cream !!!!!!!

Lee Beasley

Belvidere, South Australia

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